First & Final Thoughts Friday (III)

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Welcome to the First & Final Thoughts Friday wrap up of 2017!  Just to give you a run down of how these posts are formatted:

  • I will give my first and final thoughts on a few categories
  • The categories will include more than just fashion
  • The posts will be on Friday’s

I have seen lots of bloggers doing “2017 wrap-up” posts including highlights from their year, their favorite products, most popular posts, etc .. so I wanted to join the fun but put my own little spin on it!  So for our First & Final Thoughts this Friday we will be discussing 4 topics.  Fashion, Travel, Blog Life, and Real Life.  I will share a photo/post from the beginning of 2017 and then one at the end and reflect on the change throughout the year.  This post will be fun for me to look back on in the years to come, and I hope you enjoy walking down memory lane a little bit with me as well 🙂


 2017 new years resolution, old navy turtleneck, moto leggings, nordstrom leggings, jean jacket, denim jacket, what to wear with leggings, leggings and loafers, black loafer outfit, new years resolution ((see full outfit post here))

  • First Thought – started the year off with this minimalistic outfit and giving myself a focus word for 2017.  Which was “define”.  I LOVE the way my fashion started for the year.  In fact, I think it “defined” my style for the remainder of the year!!

cozy christmas pjs with soma, christmas pjs, cozy pjs, cozy days, christmas decorations 2017, soma pjs

((see full details on 12 days of Christmas here))

  • Final Thought – ended the year with the 2nd annual 12 days of Christmas with my blogger besties, Laura Leigh and Sarah!  This series is probably my all time favorite and I look forward to it all year!! This year’s was SO AMAZING!! Did y’all enter in the giveaways?!  If so, I hope some of you were the lucky winners!
  • Verdict – I would say my style stayed pretty classic, minimal, with a little bit of trend throughout the year.  Exactly what I hoped for!  Did y’all enjoy this year’s outfit posts?!  Anything you would like to see added or different for 2018?!  Let me know in the comments below!


fort wayne travel guide, vera bradley headquarters, touring vera bradley, fort wayne IN, fort wayne IN travel guide

((see full travel details here))

  • First Thought – first trip of 2017 was to Fort Wayne, IN with my blogger gals!  The main focus of the trip was to visit the Vera Bradley headquarters and let me tell you, it did not disappoint!

st. simons travel guide, king and prince, where to stay on st. simons island, travel review, st. simons island things to do, where to eat on st. simons island

((see full travel details here))

  • Final Thought – final trip of 2017 was to St. Simons Island with my girl, Laura Leigh.  We have become little travel buddies and pretty much don’t go on a trip without one another haha!
  • Verdict – I did 4 trips on behalf of How 2 Wear It in 2017 and would like to double that in 2018!  Watch out travel world, Laura Leigh and I are coming for you!  🙂

Blog Life

ruffles + mom jeans, asos ruffle top, mom jeans, how to style mom jeans, what to wear with mom jeans, ivanka trump shoes, best shoes for spring, blush top, blush ruffle top under $30

((see full outfit details here))

  • First Thought – at the beginning of the year I got the opportunity to work with some major brands that I could have only dreamed of collaborating with one day!!  The year was off to a great start!

ivanka trump handbag review, 12 days of christmas giveaways, ivanka trump clothing, where to buy ivanka trump, velvet holiday dress, velvet dress, perfect nude heels

((see full post details here))

  • Final Thought – ended the year collaborating with some of those same companies and I am SO THANKFUL to have created and maintained those relationships!
  • Verdict – 2017 was great in terms of blog life, but I have some big goals for 2018 that I’m hoping to achieve!! Wish me luck, y’all!

Real Life

  • First Thought – my best friend got married in 2017 and the first quarter of the year was spent celebrating her!! This was my first time in a wedding and I had a BLAST!!! Above is a shot of us at her bachelorette in Vegas.  All I have to say, is that we had a little too much fun! 😉

  • Final Thought – in case you haven’t seen him pop up on my Insta feed yet, meet my boyfriend 🙂 It’s been quite a while since I’ve done the whole bf-gf thing and I must say I missed it.  It’s also a little nerve wracking to put our relationship out there to the public ((especially people I don’t personally know)) but I’m excited to share a more personal side of my life with you as well.  Do y’all enjoy that?  Or would you prefer me to keep it “blog like and styled” in 2018?
  • Verdict – 2017 was a year of some changes but 2018 is bound to hold even more and I’m SO EXCITED!!
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    • Dana Mannarino

      I LOVE THIS POST! So creative – you had such a great 2017 and I’m so excited to see what you’re up to in 2018! xx

      The Champagne Edit

    • Obsessing over this recap! So fun and different and YES watch out world, we’re coming for you…one trip at a time!

      xo Laura Leigh

    • Such a great post girl! Loved seeing your posts throughout the year and would love to know more about you as well!

      cute & little

    • Love this post!! Sounds like you had a great year and you’re in store for another amazing year!!! Woohoo!!

      Xo, Steph

    • Love this post! What a fun spin you put on it!


    • I love this post. & I love when bloggers share personal ilfe & blog stuff! Xx

    • Courtney Hardy

      I love the recap. It sounds like you had an awesome year.

    • Victoria G

      i love when people share more personal posts!! and looks like 2017 was a great year for you! so excited for 2018!


    • Maggie Tate

      So glad you ended the year on a good note!! Best wishes for a happy 2018

    • Mandy Gragg

      This is such a great post! I feel ya on the minimal stylings this year, it’s been nice to change it up a bit! Love those Nikes too!

    • Hey girl! love all the accomplishments and yes, I saw the BF! Sooo happy for you. Wishing you both happiness.

      xo, J

    • Caitlin

      Congrats on working with some big brands!

      Beauty & Colour | Vegan Lifestyle Blog

    • This was such a fun post. Love that you looked back to your early 2017 posts as well as final 2017 posts!

      xo, Laura

    • What a wonderful reflection on 2017! You’re going to crush 2018, girl!
      Xo Mindy