My Girl Boss Inspirations + Personal Style Journey

Forewarning – this post is going to be a long winded one but I got a lot to say, lovelies!

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Let’s start with girl boss inspirations, shall we?  My definition of a #girlBoss is a woman that takes charge, gets sh** done, holds her head and confidence high, and still maintains a lady-like air about her.  I mean she’s not just a boss, she’s a GIRL boss!  Well I don’t have to look far for my inspirations!  My best friends Alissa and Kristen continue to climb in their respective business careers, my sister is proving herself 10 fold in her new job, my Mom raised 5 kids for goodness sake, and my blogger besties Sarah and Laura Leigh inspire me on a daily basis with their sites!  With women like that surrounding me, its a daily motivation to be the best me I can be!  Do y’all have women like that in you life?  If so, I want to hear about them in the comments below!  There’s always room for more inspiration!

While on the subject of girl bosses, I want to share a special shout out to Laura Leigh.  Besides the fact that her Insta feed is goals, she’s really been inspiring me lately with defining your personal style.  I’ve been telling her for years that I love how she styles pieces THROUGHOUT a season ((not wear once and toss like some bloggers)), invests in basics, and has her own unique style signature!  My style is quite a bit different than hers, but I have been SO motivated by her to define my own personal style.  **Real talk – this outfit I shared recently is NOT my personal style.  I shared it because those items are popular and I try to get various content out to y’all.  But no more!  Haha.  I’m doing me and only me from here on out!  Take it or leave it.  And I’m not saying that was a bad outfit, it’s just not my brand and I should’ve recognized that**  I’ve been pinning like crazy to my personal style inspiration board ((you should totally follow it because there’s some killer inspiration)) and editing my closet down quite a bit.  My next step was to create the vision board you see above and keep that in mind when making purchases.  As you can see from the the vision board and my Pinterest board, my overall style is classic, simple, chic, and casual.  I like to keep the colors neutral and the outfits streamlined.  And when I say basic, I mean “basics” like crisp white button down, a chic leather jacket, black booties, etc – not #basic haha.  Again, nothing wrong with those styles but its time to DEFINE what MY style is!  I’ve linked below all my recent purchases that fit this criteria.  I’m extremely happy with the direction this is going and hope you will enjoy being on this personal style journey with me!

Recent purchases in Personal Style Journey

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Shop leather jackets // Shop black booties // Shop tweed // Shop Quay sunnies // Shop turtlenecks

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    • GIRL I love you! You’re the absolute sweetest. Thank you so much! Loving this collage you put together. Everything here is SO you and I have seen you or could see you wearing all of it. Excited to see your personal style come together more and more.

      xo Laura Leigh

    • Courtney Hardy

      These outfits all look so cute!! I love this collage.