First & Final Thoughts Friday (I)

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My goodness I’m so excited for this new series!!  I shared this idea with y’all over on Insta stories and y’all loved it so here we are!  You also voted almost unanimously to see this series weekly ((instead of monthly)) so I’m going to do my best to deliver!  Just to give you a run down of how these posts will be formatted:

  • I will give my first and final thoughts on a few categories
  • The categories will include more than food
  • The posts will be on Friday’s

Okay, so for our First & Final Thoughts this Friday we will be discussing 3 topics.  Fashion, Food, and Beauty.

Fashion – Seychelles Dwelling Bootie

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  • First Thought – the color is perfection!  I thought these would go with so many of my outfits and the heel height is perfect for me.  Not quite a flat boot, but easier for walking in than a 3 or 4 in heel.
  • Final Thought – my initial thoughts are confirmed and I have worn them time and time again!!  They look best paired with dresses though in my opinion.  Con – the cute flap detail on the front folds over sometimes when walking and stays flapped over.
  • Verdict – I think these are a great purchase for your fall wardrobe!

Food – Nature Valley Granola cups

  • First Thought – I LOVE almond butter and I don’t eat breakfast unless its a grab-and-go kind of thing so of course I had to try these.  I knew going in that they are not as healthy as a Larabar or RXbar but would still be healthier than most granola bars on the shelf.
  • Final Thought – I will be purchasing these again!  I thought they were delicious and just enough to hold me over until lunchtime.
  • Verdict – if you like a grab and go breakfast, try them!!

Beauty – Essence Las Princess False Lash Effect Mascara

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  • First Thought – I saw a couple of my favorite beauty YouTuber’s review this and raved about it.  So of course, I wanted to try out what the influencers were reviewing ((what kind of influencer would I be if I didn’t support other influencers?!)).  It’s a fifth of the price of my go-to mascara so I thought why not?!
  • Final Thought – cheap and does the job, but I’m not converted.  If I get oily or sweaty throughout the day, the mascara transfers unto my eyelid. #thatsanono
  • Verdict – For only $5 I think its worth a try, but I’m willing to invest in “designer” for a more long wearing product.

So how did y’all like the first edition of First & Final Thoughts?!  PLEASE leave your suggestions for next weeks thoughts in the comments below!!

Thanks for stopping by!