Tiny Living Tuesday .. How to purge your closet

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Welcome back to Tiny Living Tuesday!  Today’s topic .. purging your closet!  In my case, I’m really downgrading on space in my new “tiny home” but my closet is actually bigger!! *insert praise hands!* But, I know that during a move is one of the best times to purge your closet and get rid of some things you’ve been holding on to for TOO LONG!  Quit hoarding STUFF you don’t need! 😉 Trust me, you will feel so much lighter and more free after purging some items.  When I’m doing a closet purge, I have 5 “rules” I like to keep in mind when doing so and wanted to share them with you all today.

5 Signs an Item Needs to be Purged from Your Closet

  1. Out of style – trendy pieces that go in and out of style do not need to be kept if the trend has passed.  This is why I always say to INVEST in classic items and SAVE on trendy pieces because odds are they won’t last more than a season.
  2. Faded – this one is obvious but needed to be mentioned haha.  Even if the item is your favorite, if it looks too worn, toss it!
  3. Picked over – meaning if when picking out you clothes in the morning you are constantly picking something else OVER this piece, it needs to go!
  4. Wrong size – as women we’re all guilty of this because TBH we fluctuate between a lot of sizes in our lifetime. #realtalk .. But, there’s no need to keep a whole wardrobe from a previous size.  Celebrate the body you’re in!
  5. “But this would be great for a Halloween costume” – this one is so funny to me but also so true!  I’m guilty of this one.  Odds are though when it’s time for Halloween, you’re going to want to go out and buy new things anyway.  So get rid of the costume junk!

Are any of you planning a closet purge soon?!  Let me know if you do!

I’m undecided on next week’s Tiny Living Tuesday topic and want y’all’s help deciding!  Should I share an empty apartment tour and how I planned my furniture layout?  Or a home decor mood board?  Let me know in the comments below!