It’s Good to be a Girl

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I can think of so many reasons it’s good to be a girl.  You get to play dress-up, wear make-up, be a girly girl OR a tomboy, be a sister, be a mom, be fierce, be the heart of the family, be the soccer mom, be the working mom, be the strong single mom, AND SO MUCH MORE.  But honestly, those are all one sided and to put it bluntly – all about US.  Another reason it’s good to be a girl ((and one of the best reasons in my opinion)), is because girls truly share the joys and burdens of one another and there is no relationship out there like the one you have with other women.

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We are always told to be strong, independent, and can be anything we want to be.  I think those are admirable characteristics of course, but it is also important to lean on one another and celebrate with one another!  That’s what girlfriends are for, right?!

While it was not my plan to be single for the last 5 years, it has also given me lots of time to invest in the relationships with my girlfriends.  I’m not saying that someone in a relationship can’t also fully invest in a friendship, but I know I personally throw myself into things 100% and tend to devote myself to the fullest to a few things in my life.  Like ALL women, I am always BUSY!  But my girlfriends ((and mom and sisters!)) have been there with me through it all.

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You know who/what else has been with me through it all?  VERA BRADLEY.  I guarantee if you try and think of brands that have stuck with you since you were little and take you all the way into motherhood, Vera would be on that list.  Their most recent re-branding’s major goal has been to target millennials like us who grew up using Vera duffel’s for sleepovers and crossbody’s for vacations and stopped using their product until we were the age we needed baby bags and luggage.  It was time to fill in that gap – and boy did they!  I kid you not when I say that over half the purses in my closet are Vera and every time I wear one I get a compliment.  Seriously!

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All I gotta say is, I got my girlfriends and I got my Vera and “It’s Good to be a Girl” in 2017!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed this post!

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Thank you to Vera Bradley for sponsoring this post. And thank you reader’s for supporting the brands that support this blog!

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    • Nataly Kimball

      So many beautiful bags! I agree it is good to be a girl!

    • Dawn Princess Darnell

      Your so right…women empowerment is amazing. We definitely stick together. Great post…love that leopard scarf!

    • Sarah Lindner

      I love those bracelets and the bags are soo cute!

      Sarah Lindner

    • Love this post! You’re absolutely right! And that first bag is gorgeous!


      Lee Anne

    • It is great to be a girl! Love all your Vera pieces…especially the tan and gold purse. I have the black quilted one in a gray and love it so much!


    • Laura Bain

      GIRRRRL this is a great post!! Love seeing all of your VB bags and hearing your reasons why it’s good to be a girl!

      xo Laura Leigh

    • Ruthie Ridley

      Gahh!! Love VB!!! Such great bags!! That first bag is my faveee

    • Sarah Tripp

      Just an amazing brand! Love all of your VB pieces!

    • Sydney Power

      I love love love vera bradly, it is the best! I am also a girl who goes in 100%, I have been with my boyfriend since high school and I have an amazing relationship with him, I am so close with my mom and I have a few girlfriends who I keep up with back home but I know I can struggle with having better friendships

    • Anna English

      Such a great message. Love Vera Bradley for this campaign!

    • Such cute bags! The Lydia Satchel is, like, one of my all time faves! I wear it so much. Love this campaign, I love being a girl too!

    • Nicholle Brainard

      I love this message! I have also been using Vera Bradley pieces since I was young, they still look perfect!