Save vs. Splurge ((handbag edition))

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Row 1: Shein vs. Chloe // Row 2: Emperia vs. Fendi // Row 3: Target vs. Chloe

No one loves a cute handbag more than I do.  And I would also dare say, no one loves finding a great dupe for a designer product more than I do.  Which is lucky for you, because when I find these fabulous dupe’s, I want to share them!  The Emperia ‘Small Carlie’ that looks almost exactly like the Fendi ‘Petite 2jours’ bag is currently on its way to me!  Be on the lookout for it in future posts!

Have y’all found any good dupes lately?  If so, leave links to them in the comments below! I would love to check them out!

Thanks for stopping by!

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    • The Confused Millennial

      I love save vs splurge posts, especially when the cheaper bags are almost identical to the more expensive ones!

    • mckenna bleu

      Love the cheaper options! Its always nice with someone shares a post like this! Thanks 🙂

    • Wow – this is great! They all look so similar but the price difference is amazing!


    • These are some awesome picks! I tend to splurge on handbags, but this reminds me that I can definitely save a ton!

    • I love posts like this, because of course I am always attracted to the expensive bags!

    • Greta Hollar

      I’ve been wanting a Chloe bag forever but this steal looks just like it! I love it!

      Greta |

    • Neely

      I love this post! I recently bought a look alike chloe bag!

    • M Q

      such a fun roundup!

    • Kristine Circenis

      I’ve been seeing those Chloe bags EVERYWHERE!!! They’re so adorable, but that price tag…yikes! Thanks for linking up a less expensive alternative!!

    • Jen Dang @ Skirt The Rules

      Love your picks! Drooling over that Chloe bag though!

      xo Jen
      Skirt The Rules

    • Miss ALK

      These are such excellent dupes!! You know how loyal I am to my Forever 21 Rebecca Minkoff dupe 😉

      xoxo A

    • Kayleigh

      SO many amazing steals!!

    • I almost like the Save versions better than the real thing! The price definitely influences that.


    • I really want to buy all of the dupes, especially the Chloe bags! The first one is so fun and unlike anything I own, and you really cannot beat that price tag 🙂

      XO, SS || Seersucker Sass