Behind the Blogger .. Braid tutorial

After countless questions on “how do you do your hair like this?!” after Vera Bradley shared this Instagram above ((PS – that was an awesome moment!)) I decided to film a hair tutorial with my little sister Evin!  Funny story, the day I took this photo, we had about 10 min until we had to leave to make it to a movie and I did not have enough time to style my hair.  Evin quickly came to the rescue with this braid/bun!  I love experimenting with my hair and wear it in a french braid/bun at least once a week!

If you enjoyed this video please let me know in the comments below and I will film more in the future!  Also, bare with me as I start up my YouTube channel.  The angle on the video could be much better but I currently do not have a tripod.  Everytime I film I prop up my camera on a stack of books! HA! #ghettofab .. sooooo I’m thinking that should be my next blog investment 😛

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy!

((And side note – special shoutout to Evin who just got into the North Carolina School of Science and Math!!!  She clearly is a “jack of all trades” .. love you mini!))