Type A Tuesday ((Grocery list + Weekly Menu + Haul video!))

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Today’s “Type A Tuesday” series is all about making a grocery list, a meal plan, and I am sharing a grocery haul video!  This post is a long one so if you aren’t into this stuff you might want to go ahead and close out.  I’ll see you back tomorrow with a new outfit post!

Lately I have been doing really well with eating at home for dinner, bringing in lunch to work everyday ((I’m on my second consecutive week of no eating out for lunch – that’s an accomplishment for me)), and eating a healthy breakfast!  I love the whole experience of eating out and always have!  I think I usually enjoy the atmosphere and the company more than the food which brings me to the conclusion that if I’m not eating out with friends, I should be saving my money ((and calories!)) and eating at home.  We all know that eating out can put a strain on your wallet and waistline and no one wants that!  For me at least, if I choose to eat a healthy meal at a restaurant I feel I’m spending too much.  And alternatively, if I am trying to save money the place I am choosing to eat at is most likely unhealthy.  I believe many of you are probably “in the same boat” as me and need some quick, easy, cheap, and mostly healthy options for taking a lunch to work/school and eating at home.  I most definitely LOVE to eat out with friends and family and am trying to limit myself to that.  Also wanted to mention if you are looking for a strict healthy meal plan this is not it.  I am in no way a nutritionist but thought I would share what a typical grocery haul looks like for me and the meal I like to make.

The key to this working is making a list ahead of time and creating a meal plan before you even head to the grocery store.  This cuts down on impulse buying and insuring you buy only the quantity you need.  So lets get started!

Grocery list:
Ruffle chips
Crackers or pita chips
Applegate turkey
Shredded cheese
Goat cheese rounds
Sour cream
Frozen pizza (2)
TJ’s frozen mac & cheese
Lara bars (5)
Shredded lettuce
Chocolate caramels

 Meal plan:
B – Trail mix
L – Quesadilla, Slice pepper, fruit cup
D – Frozen pizza, zucchini
B – Breakfast bar, fruit infused water
L – Homemade lunchable, pepper
D – Tacos
B – Breakfast bar, fruit infused water
L – Mac & cheese + chicken, asparagus
D – Tacos
B – Breakfast bar, fruit infused water
L – Homemade lunchable, chips + dip
D – Mac & cheese + chicken, asparagus
B – Breakfast bar, fruit infused water
L – Homemade lunchable, chips + dip
D – out to eat
B – Smoothie
L – Deli wrap, chips + dip
D – Leftovers from Friday night
B – Smoothie
L – Deli wrap
D – back to grocery store or odds & ends leftovers!

Watch my grocery haul below and make sure you SUBSCRIBE to my channel to get updates as soon as videos go live!  There should be another video coming your way Friday and you don’t want to miss that one!

Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoyed this lifestyle content!  Let me know if you want to see more of it!

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    • Love the way you plan out your meals for the week, such a smart and cost effective idea!

    • I love to plan, but I’ve never planned out my meals! I really need to start because I never know what to get at the grocery store when I go.

      Kayla | kaylablogs.com

    • I love the idea of sharing your grocery list and meal planning. I am trying to be better about planning my meals out ahead of time…I always buy spur of the moment and it is less economical (and usually less healthy).

    • I need to be much better about meal planning ahead of time.

    • I always find that when I actually take the time to make a meal plan and a proper shopping list, I save so much money! I really want to start doing it more often. It’s so worth it. Can you believe that I’ve never been to Trader Joe’s?

    • Ashley

      Such a fun video! You definitely just gave me some inspo for meal planning!

      xo Ashley

    • Meal planning is my favourite weekend activity. (Yes, I live a pretty unexciting life lol!) I wish I had a Trader Joes closer. It is about 45 minutes away so I only get there maybe once a month.

    • I have been bringing my lunch consistently, and have definitely noticed the difference in my energy! This is a great video! We don’t have a trader joes anywhere near me, but I’m to find one soon to go to!

    • Alex

      LOVE this idea! I actually might have to start doing something similar to this to keep myself accountable. Such a great idea!

    • I love the way you plan your meals out ahead of time! I need to be better about doing that 🙂

      XO, SS || Seersucker Sass

    • Sara Kate

      Leftovers are key! I love that you plan it all out. I always tell myself I will and I always slack on it.

      Sara Kate Styling

    • I LOVE Trader Joes. SO much. Great video!!