Type A Tuesday ((Instagram Aesthetic))

To be honest, until 10pm last night I did not know what I was going to write about for today.  I have tons of ideas but some still need photos taken or more content behind them before I’m ready to share.  So I did what I usually do when I’m feeling uninspired.  Scrolled through Instagram of course!  And then after checking my feed and a couple of some other feeds, it dawned on me.  Instagram aesthetics!

instagram aesthetic, morgan flinchum, how 2 wear it, type a tuesday, how to create an instagram aesthetic

instagram aesthetic, morgan flinchum, how 2 wear it, type a tuesday, how to create an instagram aesthetic

I recently implemented this on my Instagram so I am by no means an expert!  On a personal level, there is really no need for an aesthetic in my opinion.  I obviously follow my friends or people I have met along the way, regardless of their Instagram feed.  But from the point of view of marketing a brand, an overall theme is very important!  My blog feed always seemed like it was lacking something.  I was using high-quality images, artsy angles, and in general have mostly fashion content.  But my feed didn’t feel cohesive or truly representative of me.  I spent lots of time researching branding an Instagram ((yes, that’s a thing haha)) and found that there are many ways to create a feed that’s aesthetically pleasing.  Some options include same angle, featured color, same filter, or overarching theme.  I decided on same filter because I know my style and color will change with the season, and although I have a fashion theme that proved to be too broad a topic to base my aesthetic on.  The hard part was finding a filter to fit my brand and that wouldn’t take away from the true quality of my pictures.  I downloaded VSCO cam ((free in the app store)) after hearing good reviews from other bloggers, and browsed some of their options.  Then downloaded a couple of their free filter options and fell IN LOVE with HB1 & HB2!  They don’t really look like filters, but more so enhancements of my photos ((high color saturation, brightness, and sharpness)).  As a brand, I want to share content with high integrity and not give you a skewed ((or filtered)) view of the clothing and what not I’m sharing.  And I finally  found the perfect fit for me!  Now when someone visits my page I feel like they get a sense of fashion with a classic and girly touch.  Which I hope describes me and my style.

As I mentioned before there are many ways to create an aesthetic.  Below are my favorites in color, theme, and angle.  All of the ladies behind these accounts are great friends ((and one is my sister!)) so if you love their feeds as much as I do, give them a follow!  I promise you will not regret it!

Color – Laura Leigh from Louella Reese- Blue hues are incorporated throughout

instagram aesthetic, morgan flinchum, how 2 wear it, type a tuesday, how to create an instagram aesthetic

Theme – Lauren Dixon ((my sista 😛 )) – Panther’s theme!

instagram aesthetic, morgan flinchum, how 2 wear it, type a tuesday, how to create an instagram aesthetic

Angle – Brandy Polk – Hair stylist ((If you live in the Charlotte area and need a stylist she’s where its at!))

instagram aesthetic, morgan flinchum, how 2 wear it, type a tuesday, how to create an instagram aesthetic

Thanks for stopping by and I hope today’s post was informative!  Or at least fun to look at! 😉

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    • Your feed looks gorgeous. I recently did this and watched a lot of YouTube videos on editing techniques and am honing in on what I feel is representative of me. Color, neutrals, contrast, etc. It’s hard but so worth it once you get it. I’m still working on it… I LOVE Katey McFarlan’s page. It’s amazing and always so bright!

      • How 2 Wear It

        ME TOO! She is my favorite blogger and I gain so much inspiration from her feed!

    • I honestly don’t put that much thought into my instagram, but you definitely convinced me I should start! I love the blue hues thing, as right now I’m obsessed with blue hues!

      • How 2 Wear It

        Glad this post was inspiration for you! -Morgan

    • You are the sweetest! Thank you so much for including me in this 🙂 I really appreciate it. Awesome post, I really enjoyed reading it

      xo Laura Leigh

      • How 2 Wear It

        Of course!! Thanks for sharing such great inspiration 🙂 – Morgan

    • I have been aiming to keep an aesthetic with my IG feed as well but feel like I do not want to be limited. I think your approach of choosing a filter that will enhance and make your pictures cohesive is the best idea. I hear a lot of people love using VSCO cam and have tried it a bit myself. It truly is a great app.

    • I love this. I started by having an aesthetic but then I decided I wanted to just show photos that represented me (even if they are dark and not brightly colored). Yours is great though!

    • Instagram branding is my current worst enemy! haha So I really enjoyed this post! I’ve tried creating an Instagram aesthetic by using a lot of white in the background of my pics but it seems like I always end up with one off-white photo in the bunch. Definitely something I’m going to have to work on. xx Merisa | Monogrammed Magnolias

    • Love this idea of sharing aesthetic! I’ve been working hard on gaining a consistent aesthetic lately.

    • I definitely need to work on a Instagram Brand/aesthetic! I am pretty consistent usually but sometimes I have that stray photo that just doesn’t look right!

    • Oooh, love all of your pictures on Instagram! I really need to work on mine. I have improved it A LOT over the past few weeks, but there are still some random pictures misplaced

    • I took a class at a conference on Instagram branding and I am trying hard to get with the program.

      I love that hat!

    • Ashley

      I’ve tried doing this recently, but haven’t always been successful! I really appreciate this post! I found it insightful and definitely want to focus more on implementing this on my instagram!

      xo Ashley

    • Nicole

      Interesting. I never would have looked at it like this, but it makes perfect sense. Now I will have to do some digging and see if maybe this will work for me.

      Nicole // Chronicling Home

    • Your blog aesthetic is so lovely. I love all of the neutral colors and the variety of different posts.

    • That little girl is the CUTEST! I love your aesthetic and have yet to create one for my profile. That’s on my never-ending to do list!