Type A Tuesday ((email organization))


Back for another “Type A” Tuesday!  This one doesn’t so much relate to my typical fashion content, but is probably very relevant to most of your lives!  EMAIL!  It can be such an overwhelming task, huh?! Well here’s a couple organization tools that I use to keep my inbox under control.

  1. Make folders to sort emails into ((My personal inbox for example has “Blog related”, “Sigma”, “Important Reminders”, “Church”))
  2. Delete what you have already read and don’t need to keep!!  This is a big one that might just be a personal preference, but it keeps your inbox less cluttered and easier to sort through the important stuff
  3. Link your email to calendars on your phone.  This will help with reminders!
  4. Use category colors to help sort before moving to folders ((For example at work some of my color categories include; burgundy – need for closing, green – need for reconciliations, red – need to follow up, blue – complete but need to print))

Hope these tips help!

Thanks for stopping by!

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    • I love the idea of having things/reminders in colors. I might need to try that!

    • These are great! With wedding planning, my blog and applying for jobs I really need this!

    • Such a great idea to stay organized, I’ll definitely look into making folders!

    • Very smart way to stay organized. I also have folders at work but I need to do some colors.

      xoxo, Jenny

    • I’m so OCD with my inbox (much like I am in many aspects of my life) – I’m one of those people that checks daily the Junk and Trash folders. Now my husband, on the other hand, has approximately 4 thousand emails in his inbox alone, and just looking at that number on his phone gives me anxiety. LOL Maybe I’ll pass this article along to him, see if it helps.

      XO, Oksana | FOXYOXIE.com

      • How 2 Wear It

        Haha – we sound like two of kind!

    • I’m the crazy girl with 200 unread emails in my inbox…I NEED these organization tips!
      An Unblurred Lady

    • I hadn’t ever thought about creating more folders to keep stuff organized! I can be such a blonde sometimes– still, these are fantastic tips. I’ll certainly be cleaning out my inbox tonight.

    • Kim

      These are great! Sometimes it feels like I’m being drowned in emails! I have 5 different accounts: my blog, personal, online shopping, professional and my current work account (which fortunately I can only access from the office), for organization purposes, but sometimes that feels like I could spend all day going through emails!! I need to implement more of these tips!


    • I 100% have to organize my emails. It’s complete chaos! These tips are great.

    • Color codes are everything!! Am I the only one that gets excited over deleting emails? haha

      Sara Kate Styling

      • How 2 Wear It

        Haha no, that’s the best part!

    • I love having my email and calendar connected! And of course I love color coding, I do it for everything! Love these tips!


    • Ashley

      This is great. My email is SO un-organized. These tips are perfect!

      xo Ashley

    • I love being organized. Great tips!

    • Tackling my inbox was one of my goals for the new year, and after I sat down and did it, I felt so much better. I actually utilized a few of the tips you shared here. Folders are my inbox’s best friend, and now my emails are so organized. I also deleted so many things that I thought I would need in the future, but they’re years old! It feels so great to have an organized inbox.

      • How 2 Wear It

        So glad some of my tips helped!! Great way to start off the year!

    • I really need to go through my email and delete old ones! I don’t clean out my trash folder as much as I should.