Type A Tuesday ((planners!))

Welcome to the new series, Type A Tuesday!  In 2016, my biggest hope for my blog is to reach a broader audience and see this space grow into a true brand representing ME.  And if you know me, you know that I am extremely Type A and love planning, organizing, being on time, etc.  It’s a lot of what makes me, well me, so I want to include this characteristic as a piece of my blog.  There will be lots of fashion related content like closet organization, fashion editorial planning, tips for selling gently used items, and MORE!  As well as other “type A” content like email organization, home decor, and storage.  Since we are just starting out the year I thought it would be a good time to share my favorite planners with y’all so that you can start 2016 on the right ((organized)) foot!

And for reference, I have used all of these planners in the past that are being reviewed below.  These are my honest opinions.

  1.  Vera Bradley Student Agenda (($18)) c/o –  this is the one I am currently using and love it!  There are current Vera Bradley prints lining the pages, a book marker, and organizational stickers to use as you’re planning out your week.  I don’t get use out of some of the features ((like the semester schedule section)) because I am no longer a student, but for the price I think this one is totally worth it!  It also has lined sections on the weekly pages which is a HUGE must-have for me.  In true Type A fashion, I can’t stand for my writing to not be in a straight line haha
  2.   Lilly Pulitzer Large Agenda (($28)) –  this one wins cutest award!  All 4 years of college I alternated between this and the Vera Bradley planners.  It was great for college because it had weekly sections, a super cute cover, and to be honest was the “cool thing”.  Now that I work in a professional setting it feels weird to whip out my eccentrically bright Lilly planner everyday so I now opt for planners with more subdued covers.  If you are in college though, this one is my recommendation for you!  It’s a great deal and definitely has all the organizational aspects you would ever need!
  3.   Erin Condren Life Planner (($50-$65)) – to be completely honest I think this planner was a waste of my money.  I heard so many good things about it, but I honestly could get the same style with just as many organizational tools for a MUCH cheaper price!
  4.   Kate Spade Medium agenda (($25)) – This planner probably sits neck-and-neck with the Vera Bradley agenda for me.  It’s cover is professional, its wire bound, and has lined weekly pages.  I used this one for the majority of 2015 but was just ready for a change when I switched to the Vera Bradley one.  Kate Spade can honestly do no wrong!  This planner is currently on sale, so if you need a planner and love all things girly and chic, I say go for it girlfriend!

I hope y’all enjoyed today’s post and PLEASE let me know what “Type A” content you would like to see!

Thanks for stopping by!

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    • Vera’s planners have gotten so chic in the past couple of years! I’m seriously considering a Kate Spade planner for post-grad life. It’s the right amount of chic & classy for me! Life planners look great, I just don’t know how much I would use it!

    • My planner seriously is my lifeline – there’s no way I could stay organized without it. I love the Vera one you linked!

    • I have the kate spade planner and love it! It’s so classy and simple! x, kenz http://sincerelykenz.com

    • Type A Tuesday! Oh gosh, I LOVE that! I was a big fan of the Lilly planners in college and even continued to buy one after I graduated but honestly, I feel like I could just pick up a really great notebook or simple planner from Marshall’s and be just as happy. It was great when I was in school though. xx Merisa | Monogrammed

    • Perfect post for a Tuesday! Personally, I’ve been wanting to try a Vera planner. My current one is pretty simple, but it’s almost on deaths doorstep.

    • Ah! I absolutely love this series idea! I got a Day Designer planner and I really like how it breaks down the to-do list and personal and professional goals.

    • I actually have at least 4 planners for this year. I can’t help myself! I am glad that I am not alone in loving planners!

    • Alexis Reliford

      Great series! I love my Kate Spade planner and literally have it with me everywhere. It keeps me super organized and on track.

    • What a great idea, this theme will definitely be something that I connect with. On a side note, have you ever looked into Ashley Brooke Designs they have adorable products like this as well. You would love them!

      Sara Kate Styling

    • jennyblaisdell

      The EC planner is my favorite.

      xoxo, Jenny

    • Lindsay

      I really need ot be better about when I get aplanner to actually use it. I always feel like I use it for 2 weeks and then forget about it. Oops.

      Sugar & Something

    • Nicole

      I loved the Vera ones back in the day! They were totally awesome! Great post love!

    • I adore my Erin Condren Planner. I have had three and I adore them.