Spring Retail Round-up

It’s that time again!  Below are 2 round-ups for this season!

The first is an overall collage of my purchases.  Mainly basics and some replacements ((like the Old Navy romper)) for some worn out pieces in my closet.

spring retail round-up, clothes for spring, must haves for spring, retail therapy, old navy style, spring bag, spring shoes, spring 2015 fashion

1 ((I bought this as a pj set but am returning the shorts – they are too short for my taste)) // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 ((These were on sale when I got them so I bought gold and silver)) // 8 // 9 ((Buy 1 get 1 50% off!! I got the 2 colors above!  And both are reversible so it’s basically 4 tops for the price of 1 and a half – talk about a deal!))

The second is a round-up of what I managed to score at the Lilly for Target sale!  There are 5 girls in my family and we were all very excited for this sale!  We got up Saturday morning at 2:30am to start shopping at 3am when the online collection launched.  Then stayed up through the night and got in line at a local Target at 7am to prepare for the 8am store opening.  Between the 4 of us who went, we were able to grab a variety of items.  The “Flixon” girls are some serious shoppers!  We are all so excited about our finds!

spring retail round-up, clothes for spring, must haves for spring, retail therapy, old navy style, spring bag, spring shoes, spring 2015 fashion

Let me know if you have any questions about sizing/fit of any of the items purchased!  If not already, you will see the majority of the items on both round-ups on the blog soon!

Thanks for stopping by!

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      • How 2 Wear It

        Hi Alec, I replied via email last Friday.