longchamp, coverup, bathing suit, quilted vest, monogram

Monograms .. it’s a southern thing

Lot’s of people monogram down here in the south, but my goal for this post is to show you some unusual placements for them and unexpected items to put them on.  Be unpredictable!
The main reason I monogram an item is to “jazz it up” so to speak.  For instance, the simple solid color vest ((my sassy mom’s actually)) is turned into a statement piece just by adding the monogram.  She gets multiple compliments each time she wears it.  And the longchamp bag was just another purse before adding that special southern touch.
The monogram on the bottoms of this bathing suit vs. the standard monogram on a bandeau bathing suit top is also a nice twist.  The key is to think outside the box with your placement in my opinion.  Sometimes standard placement is the classier looking choice, but don’t be afraid to experiment some with your items!  Keep in mind what you are monogramming and who it’s for when deciding what font and size.  I have found that I like “vine” styles for my clothes and “block” styles for my accessories.
((Side tip — monogramming is a great gift idea!  Really shows you put thought into their present and I haven’t met a girl yet who doesn’t appreciate a monogram!))
Purse:  Longchamp
Vest:  Old Navy (similar)
Bathing suit:  Target (top – similar) (bottom – similar)